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    • may 2013 Searl Magnetics Inc, promotional video!Watch the latest video from SMI! Click here
    • april 2013 Russell Anderson on the Searl Effect.Electrogravitics pioneer Russell Anderson discusses the Searl Effect in 2012 and his new role as the CEO of Searl Aerospace Inc, a subsidiary of Searl Technologies, which incorporated in 2010. Click here
    • april 2013 Russell Anderson at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 HollandRussell Anderson at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland. Title: Magnetic Motors, Overunity and limitless energy from the vacuum. Click here
    • april 2013 Searl Aerospace Corporation!SAC aims to be the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial air and space crafts combined. Click here
    • april 2013 Professor John Searl's technology, the SEG.April 2013 Presentation on Professor John Searl's technology, the SEG, by Jason Verbelli. The S.E.G.converts temperature to electric current from a unique magnetization process. Click here
    • jan 2013 Free Energy MindsJohn Searl website tells the story of inventor and a new paradigm Click here
    • jan 2013 Latest SMI video, Machining Components The work continues at Searl Magnetics; Machining Components. Click here
    • Sept 2012 Breakthrough Energy Movement conferenceThe Breakthrough Energy Movement is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing. Click here
    • august 2012 Ongoing academic explanation of the SEGThe ongoing academic explination of the Searl Effect, filed by Bradley Lockerman Click here
    • june 2012 John Searl and Bradley Lockerman with Robby BradburyJohn Searl and Bradley Lockerman with host Robby Bradbury on "The Gut & Bone Show" (aired on 6/18/12) Click here
    • may 2012 Professor John Searl and film maker Bradley Lockerman**MOST RECENT INTERVIEW PART 1!!** You can now listen to the first half hour of this show with host Robin Claire on Tributaries Radio. Stay tuned next week for Part 2! Click here
    • may 2012 Latest Searl Magnetics videoMoving forward at Searl Magnetics. Click here
    • april 2012 The Reinvention of the WheelProf John R.R. Searl British inventor of The Searl Effect Generator How the S.E.G works with questions & answers from Prof John.R.R. Searl. Click here

    Welcome to Swallow Command

    This site is dedicated to the life and works of Professor John Roy Robert Searl in pictures and videos. Swallow stands for "Seek With All Learning, Love Overrules War". Here we will focus on the flying aspects of the Searl effect generator but also follow the work in creating the S.E.G. prototype.

    Follow the history of John Searl and his life's work to bring the world a new technology, a clean technology and a sustainable technology.

    Please read John Searl's message to you all. Click here

    To contact John Searl directly, Click here

    S.E.G. concept of electrical current flow

    This video demonstrates the SEG concept of electrical current flow in and out of the system as traced by the red conductive wire and it dramatically shows why DC currents thru the rollers will set them into motion as shown by this video. These magnetic motive forces does indeed takes place at the area rollers occupy. The electric currents interact with the ring plate's general magnetic field at the correct 90 degree angles and unlike conventional DC motors, it works without commutative contacts. Click here

    Fourth International Conference On Future Energy

    Morningstar Energy Box is a derivative of the Searl device,confirms the Russian SEG version Temperature & Magnetic Anomaly and will be demonstated March 15, 2011.

    Technology transformation by the uncovering of new energy sources is a dominant global issue. March 15-17, 2011 Tuesday through Thursday at the University of Maryland, College Park - Riggs Alumni Center - Exit 25S off 495 Beltway. Click here

    Searl Magnetics Inc Head Quarters LATEST photos!

    Dec 2010 - Check out the latest photos from Searl Magnetics HQ in So Cal. Click here

    Prosperity Projects accepts the S.E.G.

    The S.E.G. has been accepted as part of the Propserty Projects listings. Head over to Propserity Projects to read about this wonderful forum: Click here

    To view and recommend the S.E.G. Click here

    S.E.G. is a GE top 100 idea out of 3800 entries!

    The GE Ecomagination Challenge is a $200 million innovation experiment where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students can share all their best ideas on how to build the next-generation power grid.

    Thank you all who voted for the Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G.) which has placed us in the top 100! Click here

    Swallow Command Transportation

    The Transportation Division has not yet been implemented due to lack of funds, but much study has been undertaken, which I release as documents to the public to study what has been achieved by man to date Read More

    John Searl's letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai

    Read John Searl's letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai . Click here

    Open Letter to Prince Charles

    Joanne Summerscales and British Alternative Energy Inventor professor John Searl write an open letter to Prince Charles. Click here

    BKL Films presents the Leeds and Tesla events!

    Watch the trailer of the Bradley Lockerman film on the Tesla and Leeds events as John Searl hit the road for a fantastic trip around the US and back to the UK. Click here

    Corporate Charter - Searl Aerospace Corporation

    To view the Coporate Charter Certificate of Searl Aerospace Corporation Click here

    2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

    Watch the 2010 TeslaTech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Commercial: Click here

    Watch a preview of the 2010 TeslaTech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference: Click here

    Breakthrough Discovery in the Physics of Magnetism

    Searl has been stating this since 1946:

    Renowned scientist and inventor Larry Fullerton applies signal correlation methods and coding theory to magnetism to precisely control magnetic fields. Coded magnetic structures correlate to produce stronger bonding force, programmable precision alignment, and deterministic magnetic field interaction that promise to accelerate product performance and innovation. Click here

    The Searl Effect Technology


    • Inverse Gravity Vehicle Learn about the inverse gravity vehicle designed and built by John Searl in the 1950's and 1960's...

    • Searl Effect Generator The Searl Effect Generator functions along the principles of a linear induction motor, but designed around a circular track for...

    • The Law of the Sqaures John Searl's Law of the Sqaures is the mathematics behind the technology of the Sear Effect Generator and Inverse Gravity Vehicle.

    • Join our Forum! Head over to the SearlSolution forum and get involved, discuss the technology and make friends within the community.

    • Books and Lectures There are numerous books written by John Searl explaining the law of the squares. Furthermore, John Searl has given many lectures all over the world.

    • Our Radio Archive A big THANK YOU goes out to all the Radio hosts that have allowed us to archive the shows for you to listen to. Listen now to some of the best talk shows ever!

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